NO Viruses, Cookies or Browsing History

Want to be completely secure and private online?

Anonymous Internet Surfing

You can’t hide your digital footprints, but you can wear someone else’s shoes.

Lightning Speed Service Worldwide

Your device is never seen or touched by a website. Goodbye VPN!

Visiting websites not using a Virtual Private Browser puts you at risk, just take a look at the numbers below.


Use Non-Secure Cookies


Track You For Months


Monitor Your behavior


Ransomware Attacks Up By

Our Private Browser runs in the cloud unlike a virtual private network, where the browser runs on your device.

Best VPN Service 2019, Virtual Private Network

What sets our service apart?

A TraceFree browsing session is:

FAST: Surf at the speed of a cloud provider NOT the speed of your local provider.
ANONYMOUS: Your identity, true location, device, and browser are never seen or touched by a website.
NO TRACE: Cookies, viruses, and browsing history NEVER touch your device. You CANNOT get a virus!

Windows OS
now available!

No other browsing solution gives COMPLETE security and privacy on ALL 4 end points.

The ONLY Virtual Private Browser

Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on the device


No other browsing solution gives you COMPLETE security and privacy on ALL 4 end points.

BROWSER: There are NO cookies or browsing history to ever delete on browser.
PROVIDER: Provider cannot see or block website you visit.
WEBSITE: Your identity, location and and device are always hidden from a website.
DEVICE: ALWAYS Virus Free. Code never touches your device. TraceFree replaces the virtual private network (VPN).

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Your Privacy Policy

Everyone is being forced to agree to 3rd party policies. You deserve to have your own privacy policy.


Watch video to see how TraceFree works.

Introducing Trace Free

Virtual Private Browser

The All New Disposable Browser

No trace ever on your device.


Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on your device. We know you'll love it and we also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Always Virus Free

Always virus free as the TraceFree browser runs on our server, NOT your device. Users view only what our server sees.

Best Pricing

The most competitive online pricing. Plans from $5.99 monthly to $5.00 monthly paid yearly. Cheaper than most antivirus software yearly costs.

Every Search is Private

TraceFree is the ONLY solution that protects and hides your device and identity from all 4 points (device, browser, provider and website).

Your Data is Never Sold

You're paying us to be anonymous. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep it that way. TraceFree is like the “Swiss Bank of browsing”.

No Evidence on Device

We like to say “you CANNOT hide your digital footprint, but with TraceFree you can wear someone else’s shoes”.

Fast Internet speed

Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on the device, so you get lightning surf speeds and page loads as if it's on fiber optic internet.