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For $199, our Founder was forced to hire one of the top tech support services to fix his virus infected PC. For a couple hours, several strangers went through EVERY file on his device and scanned his entire browsing history.

He vowed he would never go through this costly and embarrassing experience again.

So he looked for a solution.

He then had some of his tech friends do the same. The TraceFree Team was being formed.

It was after looking at and testing every possible private and secure browsing solution that they all realized there was no way to be anonymous and completely secure online. These “private” solutions use very crafty wording (encryption, military grade, incognito, virtual private network) to market their products, misleading consumers into thinking they are private and secure.

In spite of what they all advertised, each one had AT LEAST ONE glaringly obvious privacy or security vulnerability. For example. The term anti-virus means to detect and destroy a virus. We wanted VIRUS FREE, meaning no possibility of viruses ever even reaching the device.

TraceFree offers the ability to get unbiased content and search results.

In addition to being virus free, this is what we were looking for in a browser. Any website, including Google, could not identify the user. It could NEVER see or touch the user’s device. It could not know the user’s true location or their real IP address. It could not track the user after they left that website. There could NEVER be any evidence of their browsing on their device. Finally, the Internet provider they used could not see their browsing activity (other than they were accessing a cloud provider).

So we built TraceFree

Now the world can surf with complete security and privacy.

This book is a timely and eye opening look into the depths of which big data companies and tech giants go to to find out every aspect of a person’s online and real life. In a day and age where hacks and data theft are becoming more common place, the author does a masterful job of explaining the commonly and not so well known repercussions of the data harvesting environment that the masses now live in.
Mike P.

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Online Privacy Secrets Revealed

Don’t let your browsing be used against you.
When you use TraceFree your browser runs in the cloud and NOT on your device. Malicious code NEVER sees or touches your device, and keystrokes are always invisible. Your device never touches the website. In addition you won’t have reduced computing speed or those constant annoying updates from an antivirus program.

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Don’t let your browsing be used against you. Everyone is being forced to agree to 3rd party policies. You deserve to have your own privacy policy.


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