The TraceFree Challenge

Think your browser keeps you private and secure?

Find out for sure with the TraceFree Challenge.

Take the TraceFree Challenge!

Are you “traceable”?

  • Your VPN and private browser claim to keep you private online.
  • Your antivirus program says you’re secure when you browse.
  • ​Here is a simple test to see if you are REALLY private and secure online.

1. Where do websites think YOU are?

Don’t get too excited, it is very easy to hide your I.P. address. Even a free virtual private network can do this.

2. Where does Google think YOU are?

You can fool some websites, but does your private browsing solution fool Google, the biggest data gatherer of them all? Check to see if Google can recognize you online: Click Here

3. Can websites identify YOUR Device & Browser?

The combination of operating system, device, browser and screen resolution means there are millions, if not billions of different computing devices. That should make it pretty easy to hide your computer right?

4. Can websites see and touch YOUR device?

This is the litmus test of online privacy and security.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have COMPLETE online privacy and security if a website can touch your device. How hard was it for a website to touch yours?

If a site can TOUCH your device, you can be identified, tracked and infected!

For demonstration
purposes only!

Windows OS Only (No CC req’d)

Are you “traceable”? Isn’t it time to get TraceFree?

With TraceFree you are browsing the Web using one of our servers with a brand new browser every session. Your identity, IP address, true location and most importantly your device is ALWAYS isolated when browsing. You are ALWAYS completely PRIVATE and SECURE when browsing.

TraceFree doesn’t say a user is completely private & secure, we PROVE it.

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