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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to hide your IDENTITY on any website? Want a virus free session every time? Want to completely hide your browsing? Are you FINALLY ready to be TRACE FREE?

How can I be anonymous and virus free?
The TraceFree browser runs on our server, NOT your device. Users view only what our server sees. Websites see and interact with a cookie free browser on our server in EVERY session. The website sees the location and IP address pertaining to one of our servers, NOT your device. Users devices are ALWAYS isolated from the website. These websites put cookies and viruses on our server/browser, NOT yours. All data between your device and our server is encrypted, so your Internet provider cannot see or block your surfing. For these reasons, users are always anonymous and virus free while surfing. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to login to a site (give username and password) you are no longer anonymous.
How safe is TraceFree?
You cannot get a virus. We will say it again. You CANNOT get a virus. Safe enough for you? When you use TraceFree your browser runs in the and NOT on your device. Malicious code NEVER sees or touches your device, and keystrokes are always invisible. Your device never touches the website. In addition you wont have reduced computing speed or those constant annoying updates from an antivirus program.
Who am I really private from?
Any website, your Internet provider, your device and your browser. However, if you login to a site (give username and password) you are no longer private. We call it TraceFree because it is.
Do I use TraceFree with my browser?
TraceFree IS the browser. You use it just like your regular browser, but instead of it running on your device, it runs in the cloud keeping ALL content from ever touching your device. Your keyboard and mouse act as a remote control to the browser, which is on our server in the cloud. Your screen exclusively views only what our server sees. You are always anonymous and secure.
What is the "Send to TraceFree" application?

Until TraceFree becomes your full time browser we offer the ability to open any link safely and privately while using Google’s Chrome. If you’re using Chrome and see a link you’re unsure of opening, simply right click on the link and Send To TraceFree. It will be opened safely away from your device. You can find the application here.

How does this compare to incognito or private mode?
Incognito mode only hides your browsing history from the device. Websites visited can still see and touch your device, leaving you vulnerable to cookies and viruses. Your Internet provider (employer) can still see your browsing history as well. In fact, Google even says you’re not really incognito on their website.
What does a website see?
The website ALWAYS sees a cookie free browser, OUR device and the IP address of one of our servers, NEVER yours. They can NEVER identify you, your device or your location. Any cookies, viruses and malware are placed on our machine NEVER yours. These are deleted on logout. You are always completely anonymous and secure while browsing.
Isn't my private search engine private?
NOT AT ALL. If your browser and device are being used to do the search it doesnt matter if the “private search engine” encrypts, deletes or sprinkles magic dust on your search queries. And if you use Chrome on a private search engine those “private” search queries can be seen by Google. TraceFree is the ONLY solution that protects and hides your device and identity from all 4 points (device, browser, provider and website). You are COMPLETELY anonymous on EVERY search engine.
Does this only work with Windows OS?
The current version available for the public is ONLY for Windows OS. While TraceFree does run on the Mac OS in our lab, we are rolling out one OS at a time. If you want to be notified when the Mac OS is available, please email us info( at) tracefree (dot) com
Can I use this on all of my devices?
There is no login or password required but each device requires a separate license key. License keys CANNOT be shared across devices.
How does this compare to a VPN?
It is MUCH better. A VPN hides your browsing from your ISP but it automatically slows down your browsing due to encryption and leaves browsing history on your device. Furthermore your VPN DOES NOT protect you from malware, cookies or trackers. Likewise, encryption DOES NOT protect your computer from being hacked. In fact where you browsed with a VPN your browsing history wil not be erased. There will be cookies, viruses and browsing history left on your device. Arent those enough reasons to switch to TraceFree?
Should my VPN be on when using TraceFree?
Turn off your VPN when using TraceFree. We encrypt and they encrypt, which can cause an issue.
Can I use email and social media sites?
Yes, however once you login, you are no longer anonymous to the site. Viewing their content is possible but because your device cannot touch the site, you won’t be able to download or upload any of this content from your device.
Can I use this on a public WiFi?
Can? You should! Most public WiFis are not secure leaving your information and device completely exposed. NO ONE can hack to get a password or other information because NO INFORMATION is going over the network..just pixel changes, The WiFi owner cannot follow you while connected, and even once you disconnect. Complete peace of mind both publicly and privately when arriving back home. Public WiFi hotspots are an ideal place to use TraceFree.
How does this compare to Tor?
Tor is a web browser that connects with other PC’s that have a Tor browser installed to mask your IP address. Your device is still touching endless other random devices in route to the website. This rerouting process really slows down your browsing, and ANY type of content (good and bad) can be downloaded to your device. With Tor, a website can STILL identify and interact with your device. Your browsing is NOT private and secure.
Can I download movies or content?
You can watch videos (YouTube etc) or view images, but NOTHING can be downloaded to, or uploaded from your device. Any hardware or programs on your device CANNOT interact with a website. Simply put, this allows TraceFree to be completely secure. A future version of TraceFree will allow downloading content to storage in the cloud, which will enable viewing capability.
Can I import my favorites or bookmarks?
This version of TraceFree is completely stripped down and does not allow bookmarks to be imported or added during the session. Each session is disposed of upon logout. A soon to be released version of TraceFree will include the ability to save and import bookmarks.
Will TraceFree change the way my applications work?
TraceFree won’t impact any of your applications. It doesn’t need to see or interact with any applications on your device. In addition, it runs completely isolated from any applications on your device.
What is "paid beta"?

Present users are getting discounted pricing for access and in return we continue building out core features like (bookmarks, login, storage etc). since this is the first release of TraceFree. TraceFree runs fine and it’s fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product. However, this allows us to make changes to the product as we need to. The program is COMPLETELY SAFE to use.

What is your log policy?
In answering this question, a little background is necessary. ISP’s or Internet Service Providers ALL keep track of your browsing history or essentially have a log of it. VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks, although they mask user’s activity from an ISP, your device STILL makes your browsing VERY identifiable! In effect, users are essentially being “logged” by many parties, so it really doesn’t matter what your VPN’s logging policy is. Because we are a U. S. based company that runs the application on U. S. based cloud providers, we are legally required to keep logs. With TraceFree, we are the ONLY party that can identify your browsing, and that’s done by your email upon registering. We are the most private browsing solution available, but if users truly want a safe society, they have to realize there should not be complete privacy. With this in mind, TraceFree is to be used for private and secure browsing, NOT illegal activity.
Does TraceFree or any third party sell or share my data?
You the user are our customer, and NOT data. Users are paying us to be anonymous and browse securely. We’ve gone to great lengths to make this possible. TraceFree is like the “Swiss Bank of browsing”. Your data does exist but we won’t share it. To that end, we will only disclose your personal data as required by law when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Website or Company. With that being said, before we disclose such personal data or web browsing data as required by law, and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process, we will notify you.
Annoying updates?
You won’t get those constant annoying updates like Windows or Adobe. Each time users login, they will be using the latest version of TraceFree. If there’s an upgrade needed, it will ask you to update which usually takes just seconds.
What is the difference between private and anonymous?
Private is a wooden door. You can’t see who or what they are doing. Anonymous is frosted glass. You can see what they’re doing, but you can’t tell who it is. There’s no such thing as a private browser OR private search engine because at least one party (device, browser, ISP, website) can tell who the user is and what they did or are doing. TraceFree is the ONLY browser that keeps you completely anonymous. We like to say “you CANNOT hide your digital footprint, but with TraceFree you can wear someone else’s shoes”.
Will this work with my anti-virus program?
Most programs allow TraceFree to be downloaded and then to run. The only issues we have found is some A/V programs require you to “allow this program” before downloading, not running the application.

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