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Google Is Tracking You On Sex Sites

Using Incognito Mode or a VPN does NOT prevent Google from tracking you.

Google Is Tracking You On Sex Sites

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Google Is Tracking You On Sex Sites

Using Incognito Mode or a VPN does NOT prevent Google from tracking you.

Google and Facebook are always watching you-even when you’re browsing pornography websites. The NY Times is reporting that Google had trackers on 74 percent of the pornography sites

Of the top 8 websites in the U.S., three of them are porn, and yet nobody admits to it. Hmmm, somebody isn’t telling the truth.

Well Google and Facebook not only know who’s lying but they can tell what kind of porn you like.

How can you hide your browsing from Google?

TraceFree is a virtual private browser, which means you use your keyboard and mouse to remotely control a computer in the cloud to surf the Web. Google and Facebook still track the computer doing the browsing, but the computer isn’t yours!

Google cannot track you because all Google cookies stay on the server in the cloud. At the end of your browsing session the browser is deleted. Not only is there no trace of your browsing on your device, but you can never get a virus.

TraceFree is a private browser that lets you really surf in incognito mode.

TraceFree, is a special browser for people who want a Private and Safe Web.

Google Is Tracking You On Sex Sites

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