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How Real Creative Agency Got Our Website On Google’s First Page

The Real Creative Agency got our website on the FIRST listing of Google’s first page for SEVERAL keywords. Here is the case study.

How Real Creative Agency Got Our Website On Googles First Page

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Real Creative Agency got our website on the Google’s first page search results FAST.

Here is the case study.

TraceFree is in a very competitive space, private and safe browsing.

We had limited funds for advertising, so we needed to get our website on Google’ss first page FAST and AFFORDABLY.

We read about Scott Shaffer and his creative project with one of the Sharks on the Shark Tank. We discovered he runs the Real Creative Agency, a digital marketing agency.

So we told them our goal. Here is what happened next and the incredible results.

They wanted to know: who we THOUGHT our target audience was, the keywords and phrases they would use in searches, the problems our service solved, and the we analytics services we used.

They came back with a very affordable SEO package and growth hacking strategy that included:

  • Target keywords in a Google spreadsheet
  • Blog posting plan with SEO content
  • Method to identify EVERY visitor on our webpage
  • Lead magnet
  • Developing a widget to prove user was not private and secure with exisiting solutions
  • YouTube channel optimization
  • Free advertising through social media

Within a few weeks of working with them, our website was on the first page of Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo search results.

In a couple months, we were the FIRST LISTING on the FIRST PAGE of Google search results for SEVERAL KEYWORDS.

KEY POINT. Several years later we are still the FIRST LISTING on Google search results.

See for yourself how good Real Creative is at SEO:

Virtual private browser

virus free browser

This is the one we are most proud of: best virtual browser

Real Creative proved that a great SEO strategy combined with creative marketing is the BEST INVESTMENT a company can make.



Real Creative Agency Got Our Website On Googles First Page For Several Keywords


Real Creative identified the keywords and phrases our customers would use in searches.

We came to them with what WE THOUGHT would be the most common searches made by our prospective customers.

They asked us “what key phrase or keyword do you want to get found for?”

They determined that our target audience uses the private search engine DuckDuckGo more than Google. They also determined the phrases and keywords were NOT the same as our initial thought.

 They created a Google spreadsheet and listed EVERY possible way someone would search for our service.

Each column listed how many searches per month, how competitive that phrase was for search.

We referred to this Google Sheet for ALL of the content we would create.



They set up a blog posting schedule with SEO focused content.

Real Creative told us it would take a couple months to start seeing our blog posts come up in searches, but it WOULD COME.

 They are the best professional blog post writing service.

Each blog post would target one specific keyword phrase.

They listed every possible way to answer that ONE search query, maximizing the chances of getting it found in search results.

Real Creative set up the blog structure on our site and would sometimes write the blog post for us.

They made it so our content is focused on getting found on the first page of search results, NOT JUST getting web traffic.

Their approach is better than the best backlink link building service.



Helped us identify EVERY vistor on our site and where they came from.

One of the things they discovered from their research is that most of our target audience use private browsers like Brave, Tor or DuckDuckGo.

These browsers block 3rd party cookies, which prevents web analytics from even seeing someone that visited your site.

Google Analytics and Stacounter CANNOT see a visitor on your how would we know if their marketing was working?

Seeing this as a massive problem that EVERY WEBSITE will soon face, they created an application that can see EVERY private browser on our site.

They built Traffic Catch, the only web analytics solution that can identify EVERY visitor on a website.

As soon as we installed Traffic Catch our traffic exploded…well it was now visible.

We could now see WHERE are traffic was coming from, which made a huge difference in our marketing.

The picture below shows how Traffic Catch can identify EVERY visitor with EVERY type of browser on our site.


How To Get More Traffic To Your Site


They created the BEST lead magnet.

What is the best way to show your prospective customer how good your service is?

Let them try it for free.

Real Creative set up a 1 week free trial application on our website. The user had to give their email to get access to the service.

This lead magnet allowed people to see how good the service was but also enabled us to create an enormous database for marketing.



Real Creative created a widget for our site too.

Seeing is believing.

They created a widget that would let people see how many trackers are on every website. They even created a video for YouTube to prove how they are being tracked.

Any visitor could enter any URL and see how many cookies are on that site and how they were now being tracked.

They also created a side by side browser comparison video that users could see for themselves.



Real Creative optimized our YouTube channel.

They set up our YouTube channel so that it would be optimized for searches.

They told us what videos to create in order to get found by both YouTube AND Google.

They showed us how to get found on YouTube.

This included the description thumbnail, keywords and hashtags. Everything required for YouTube optimization.

Our YouTube videos started to get found in Google searches as well.

Years later our YouTube videos are STILL listed on the first page of Google searches.


Real Creative Agency get our YouTube Videos on first page of Google search results


Real Creative generated the BEST growth hacking strategy.

They knew where our tribe hung out and they language they used.

They reached out to specific social media influencers that are focused on Internet privacy and security.

They set up interviews and podcasts to get us introduced to this audience without spending one dime.

We were invited back many times just to show these people how they were not safe or private with the current browsing solutions.

These interviews played a key role in our success.



The Real Creative Agency got all of our content on Google’s first page FAST and affordably .

We came to Real Creative looking for the fastest and cheapest way to grow our business.

They prepared a creative digital marketing package that included various forms of search optimization, growth hacking and out of the box thinking.

Want your website, blog or video to get listed on the FIRST page of search engine results?

Visit the BEST SEO Agency, Real Creative Agency.


Get their book Tricks To Get FREE Web Traffic (Free)




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