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What Is An Online Safe Space

A place online where a person can feel confident their data will not be shared, sold or stolen.
What Is An Online Safe Space
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What Is An Online Safe Space

A place online where a person can feel confident their data will not be shared, sold or stolen.

The “safe space” was created for millennials to have a place they can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment or any emotional or physical harm.

Adults have different concerns and too should their own online safe space.

The online differences between millennials and adults.

Millennials wonder how many people saw and liked their selfie pic online. Adults are concerned how many people saw their credit card info.

Millennials are trying to figure out what sex they identify as. Adults are trying NOT to be identified on sex sites.

Millennials are protesting that all guns should be outlawed. Adults that are registered gun owners are worried that their browsing history will prevent them from owning a gun.

Millennials are demanding free health care. Adults are worried that a search on WebMD could cancel or raise their health insurance rates.

Millennials are afraid when a teenager calls them a name online. Adults are terrified that a teenager will hack into their bank account.

The Adult Online Safe Space

When adults want to feel safe knowing that every link is safe to open and their personal data will NEVER be seen, shared or stolen they use TraceFree the browser designed for adult problems, or the adult browser.

Start your 30 Day Free Trial to TraceFree, the safest browser.

The FIRST Private & Secure Remote Cloud Browsing Service.

Edward Snowden Says Big Tech Abuses Personal Data

Edward Snowden says Big Tech is collecting personal data and sharing it with governments.

What Is An Unmanned Internet Vehicle?

What is an unmanned Internet vehicle? TraceFree is a remote browser that makes it the safest way to browse the Web.

What Is An Online Space

TraceFree is the safest browser because your device never touches a website. TraceFree is a virus free browser.

What Is The Best AntiVirus Solution?

The term “antivirus” does NOT mean virus free. It simply describes software that is designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. The best antivirus program just makes your device virus resistant, NOT virus proof.

Virtual Private Network VPN Versus The Cloud Browser

They told you to use Incognito mode to browse privately. For over 10 years, unbeknownst to you, your most personal browsing was shared with the largest data gatherer of them all. Now those “experts” are telling you that you can be secure and private using a virtual private network (VPN).

Is Your VPN Really Private And Secure

Using TraceFree a remote browser is better than the best VPN.

How To Spot A Phishing Link

How To Spot A Phishing Link. Hovering over a link can no longer a reliable indicator. Looking at every phishing email article…

DuckDuckGo Proves There Is No Such Thing As Private Search

News Blog & PressDuckDuckGo Proves There Is No Such Thing As Private Search According to a new study conducted by Google competitor DuckDuckGo, it does not seem possible to avoid personalization when using Google search, even by logging out of your Google account and...

The Online Privacy Test

Think your browser keeps you private and secure? Want to know if you’re really private and secure online? Find out for sure with the TraceFree Challenge.

Malware That Records People Enjoying Porn Discovered

Using TraceFree a remote browser prevents malware from getting on your device.

Dept. Of Defense Adopts The Cloud Browser

News Blog & PressDept. Of Defense Adopts The Cloud Browser When a security expert at a leading antivirus company said “antivirus software only catches 45% of the malware attacks and is dead”, it is time to find a better mousetrap. Who better than the Dept of Defense...

The 5 Biggest Myths of Browsing

The first browsers were designed to let users GET info from the Web.
Today browsers are built to get info from the user.

Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”

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