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Will Brave’s Search Engine Dethrone DuckDuckGo?

According to CNET, the Brave Browser is launching a privacy focused search engine. Many are wondering if this threatens Google, in our opinion this is a MASSIVE threat to the number one private search engine DuckDuckGo..
Will Brave's Search Engine Dethrone DuckDuckGo?

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Will Brave Browser’s Private Search Engine Dethrone DuckDuckGo?

According to CNET, the Brave Browser is launching a privacy focused search engine. Many are wondering if this threatens Google, in our opinion this is a MASSIVE threat to the number one private search engine DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo started with private search and then added a browser. Brave started with private browser and is now adding search.

Did you know Brave Search Engine also intends to PAY PEOPLE for using its new search engine? You can sign up to get on the waitlist HERE.

Brave and DuckDuckGo use the words “trace” and “track” as if that is what makes you private when you search or browse. A search engine or browser CANNOT “make” you private. Google still collects data when you use the Brave Browser and Google/Big Tech what you searched for when you use DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo even proved there is no such thing as private search.

The ONLY way to be private when browsing or searching is when the browser is isolated from the user’s computer.

WINNERS and THE LOSERS with this announcement

Google is probably the biggest winner with Brave offering search. For their antitrust case they need to show Congress that there are other search engines (competition).

Let’s face it, it took the court system almost 15 years to realize Google’s Incognito Mode wasn’t really private at all. How long do you think it will take them to figure out Chromiun isn’t a rare earth metal in Silicon Valley?

DuckDuckGo is the biggest loser with this news for several reasons. First, I think we can all agree their search results are terrible. Second, they cannot compete with a private search engine that pays for searching.

Mozilla’s Firefox is probably the second biggest loser with this announcement. They were starting to make a comeback as a browser focused on privacy, but Brave is growing much faster and they just gave people an additional reason to use them.

Don’t forget Google pays Mozilla between $400 to $450 million a year to be their default search engine provider. Still think you’re private from Big Tech with Firefox?

Want to see if your private browser and private search engine REALLY keep you private?

We did a private search using the top rated VPN, with the Brave Browser and with DuckDuckGo. The title of the video is “The Private Browsing Myth“.

Discover the truth in this video.

Private browsing and search starts with the LOCATION of the browser.

When the browser is isolated from the user’s computer and runs in the cloud, websites and search engines cannot identity the user, their location or see their device.

A cloud browser gives a user privacy and security when browsing.

There is no such thing as a private browser or private search engine but you can search and browse privately.

The IDEAL PRIVATE BROWSING SOLUTION is one that hides your identity from every website, enables you to use any search engine privately AND leaves no browsing evidence on your device.

Oh needs to be able to open any link or attachment without every getting a virus.

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