How To Use TraceFree – Currently Beta v 1.0

This procedure is only required the first time you install TraceFree.

please determine your screen resolution first. Here’s how:

If you have one of the following anti-virus programs

(AVG, Avast, Trend Micro, WebRoot, Norton or Bitdefender), you will need to temporarily disable them long enough to download TraceFree.
TraceFree is a Symantec Certified application.

Temporarily disable instructions for:
MalwareBytes | Avast | WebRoot | Trend Micro AVG | Bitdefender | Norton

TraceFree Download Instructions

No trace ever on your device. Click IMAGE to enlarge.

1. Click “Install”

2. Click “Save File”

3. Click on “setup.exe”

4. Click “Run”

5. Install TraceFree

6. Accept License Agreement

7. Enter License Key NOT Product ID

8. Choose resolution

9. Check Auto Launch

10. Connect!

11. Maximize screen

12. Zoom In to set the font size to your liking.



The browser isn’t really being downloaded to your device, an application that lets you browse from our server is. Here are the answers to the most common questions we get. If your issue isn’t found here, please email us info (at) tracefree (dot) com.

I clicked "install" and nothing happened.
Do you have a pop up blocker or antivirus program running on? Turn off your popup blocker or AV program JUST TO download. Did you install it and just don’t see that it was installed? (check your download folder or recent downloads for setup.exe). The Internet Explorer browser can be fussy sometimes. Try another browser to download.
It says “launching application” and then nothing happens.
This means the application is still running. Simply hit the buttons CTRL ALT DEL all at the same time ONCE. Click Task Manager. Look for the TraceFree program under Apps or Processes. Click on TraceFree and then click End task /End Process. Make sure TraceFree is still not listed in Apps/Processes. Open the TraceFree application on your computer. The login process should not take more than 10 seconds.
It just says "Authenticating".

This can be caused by 2 things:

  1. Check to make sure you don’t have a pop up blocker, VPN or antivirus program running preventing the application to run. Disable your AV and click Connect
  2. The server you are trying to auto connect to isn’t available. While the “authenticating” wheel is spinning, in top right corner click Settings. Click OK. That will bring you to the login setup. In the Server tab uncheck AUTO and try connecting to one of the servers manually. Next time you login please be sure to reset this to AUTO so you are always assured of getting the fastest connection
Where do I find the TraceFree program on my computer.

Under Programs you should see the TraceFree file. Open the folder and look for TraceFree. Click on the application. So you can find it easier next time, simply right click on the TraceFree application and “Add to Taskbar”

It says this license key is already being used.
Only one key is allowed per device. It usually means the application is already running somewhere. Did you install the application on another device? Is the program already running on your device in the background? Please be sure that there is only ONE copy of the TraceFree application downloaded on your device. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL just one time. Click Start Task Manager. Click Processes. Do you see TraceFree running, and how many times? End all TraceFree processes and start again.
Webpage is off to the side when I log in.
Simply drag the webpage until you can maximize and fit the page to your device.
Webpage doesn't fill the entire screen when I log in.
First check the screen resolution of your device. Right click on your desktop screen and get screen resolution setting. Log in to TraceFree and click “Settings”, which will log you out and bring you to the configuration page. On login page check the corresponding screen size and the click Connect.
I lost the smaller webpage inside of the bigger one.
Sometimes a new page will open up as a smaller window instead of a new tab. You can view and navigate on the smaller window but if you click outside of it you will lose it. Please report the site that opened the link as a smaller window as a “Bad Link”.
What is the CEFSharp message?
The browser is running on our server not your device. Occasionally our serve will see something that could be harmful and we will stop the browsing session. Either refresh (if able) or logout and log back in again. Your device is NEVER in jeopardy of harmful code.
Some of my login sites don't recognize this device.
Yes that is a very good thing. It simply means that the website can’t find ANY of their cookies on the device. Most sites will require sending a confirmation email or text message code to verify that it is really you trying to log in. With each browsing session you are getting a cookie free browser and this will be required each time. This is for your protection.
Websites don't recognize my location.
You want anonymous, you got it. The website is seeing the location of our server you are using, NEVER your true location. There are many sites that don’t ask to use your location and just load the site based on where they think you are (Craigslist, Kayak, Mapquest etc).
A website says "Access Denied".
More proof that you are anonymous. This usually happens either when a website cannot identify your device or they cannot place cookies on it. Please report this site as a “Bad Link” and we will find a way to fix this.
Some videos can't or won't play.
There are basically 2 ways to play a video, download it or stream it. If you get a “Restrictions” message that means the video was trying to download to a device to play. TraceFree does not allow any content to be downloaded to your device. If you get a “video player not compatible” message please report this site as a “Bad Link” so that we can add that specific media player to TraceFree.
Sometimes I see a blank window inside of a video.
What you’re seeing is something that WOULD HAVE BEEN downloaded to your device (typically bad). Usually the window goes away in a couple seconds or you can just close (X) that window. Your device is never in jeopardy.
I want to put TraceFree on a new computer.

You will need to uninstall the application from the old device in order to transfer it to the new one. On the old device, find Control Panel and Uninstall a program. If your old device is inoperable and cannot uninstall TraceFree, please let us know and we will turn off your old key and issue you a new one.

To install TraceFree on your new device:

Here is the link to download TraceFree:

1. Click “Install”
2. Go to your downloads directory.
3. Click “setup.exe”
4. Click “Install”
5. Enter your License Key (your license key) NOT Order ID
6. Determine and choose your desired screen size. (Right click the display to see your current size, and choose a size that’s smaller to fit within your display. Ex. 1920×1080, 1368×768, etc)
7. Connect.

I've tried everything, help.

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Disable all utilities (TrendMicro, Revo, AVG) JUST for the download. Clean out the downloads of setup.exe for TraceFree. Download TraceFree. Run the setup program. If problem persists update the Microsoft Net Framework After Update, run the setup program again.

Still having issues?
Please send email to info (at) tracefree (dot) com
with the subject line “Tech Support”

You are using the beta version of TraceFree.

We expect to find bugs. You can help us fix them faster by reporting them when you find one. Simply click the Bad Link button when you find a site that doesn’t function using TraceFree.

Final Word

As we send our baby into the real world we want to say a couple things. This is a beta version which means it is NOT the final product. A lot of effort went into making sure YOU are anonymous and secure when browsing. It is VERY HARD to hide your browsing, device and identity from Google (and others)..but TraceFree accomplishes this. With your feedback we will correct any bugs that are discovered.

We like to say TraceFree right now is like the pick up truck you use on the weekends, for a purpose. For your everyday browsing use your sedan, but when you want a COMPLETELY secure or private session, use TraceFree. In time (with many features we have in the lab) we hope to make TraceFree the sedan you use every day.

How To Remove TraceFree From Your Device.

1. Make sure you have Administration rights while performing these steps. If you are the only user, then you should be an administrator.

2. First Uninstall TraceFree through “Add/Remove Programs” as you would for any other application.

3. View Hidden Files:

Windows 7

a. Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization

b. Select Folder Options, then select the View tab

c, Under Advanced Settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then select OK

Windows 10

a. In the search box on the taskbar, type folder, and then select Show hidden files and folders from the search results.

b. Under Advanced settings, select Show Hidden files, folders and drives, and then select OK

Windows 8.1

a. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then select Search (or if you’re using a mouse, point to the upper right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then select Search)

b. Type folder in the search box, then select Folder Options from the search results.

c. Select the View tab

d. Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folder, and drives, and then select OK.

4. once done, click on C: of drive: and navigate to :

a. C:\Users

b. Your User Name c:\user\(User Name\

c. c:\users\(User Name)\Appdata\

5. Delete the folder TraceFreeChrome or TraceFree

6. If there is no folder continue to the next step

7. Navigate to c:\users\(User Name)\appdata\local

8. Delete any folder that describes TraceFree in the folder name

9. Next we need to edit the registry

Edit the registry:

  1.  Click the Windows or Start Button
  2.  Type Regedit
  3.  Hit Enter
  4.  Click File
  5.  Click Export
  6.  Name the file Backup Tracefree.reg
  7.  Save to c:\
  8.  Keep this file until you are sure everything works
  9.  Clieck Edit in the menu bar
  10.  Make sure that the following is checked on: (keys, value, data)
  11.  in the find what field, type “TraceFree”
  12.  Click Find Next
  13. When the editor finds a reference: (DO NOT DELETE the folder if “TraceFree” is not in the description of the folder name. If the folder on the left has ANY description of TraceFree in the folder name then right click and delete the folder. In the right pane, if the value is related to TraceFree, right click and delete the value.
  14.  repeat these steps until the editor can not find any other references.
  15.  Close the editor.

Last steps:

  1. Empty Recycling Bin
  2. Do a complete sutdown and power off the computer
  3. Turn on the computer
  4. Reinstall TraceFree with original steps (see above)