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Want to hide your IDENTITY on any website? Want a virus free session every time? Want to completely hide your browsing? Are you FINALLY ready to be TRACE FREE?

The Online Privacy Test

The Online Privacy Test

Think your browser keeps you private and secure? Want to know if you're really private and secure online? Find out for sure with the TraceFree Challenge.
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What Is The Best AntiVirus Solution?

What Is The Best AntiVirus Solution?

The term “antivirus” does NOT mean virus free. It simply describes software that is designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. The best antivirus program just makes your device virus resistant, NOT virus proof.
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Virtual Private Network VPN Versus The Cloud Browser

Virtual Private Network VPN Versus The Cloud Browser

They told you to use Incognito mode to browse privately. For over 10 years, unbeknownst to you, your most personal browsing was shared with the largest data gatherer of them all. Now those “experts” are telling you that you can be secure and private using a virtual private network (VPN).
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Microsoft Throws in the Towel to Google

Microsoft Throws in the Towel to Google

News Blog & PressMicrosoft Throws in the Towel to Google With Microsoft's decision to end development of its own Web rendering engine (browser) and switch to Chromium, control over the Web has functionally been ceded to Google.News | Back to all news Peter Bright |...

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Dear Website Owner,
While everyone is being forced to update their privacy policies, I think it’s only fair I share MY own new personal privacy policy with you.

Because there is no way to verify…

if what you are doing with my info in truthful, I cannot trust you or any 3rd party you are working with to have access to it. Therefore I want you to see MY online privacy policy. It does not matter if you accept it or not.

Henceforth, I will NOT let you see who I am…

or my true location. I will NEVER let you see or touch my device. You will NEVER be able to see or place cookies or viruses on my device. ​

In addition, if I choose to log in to your site…

you have my permission to use any info I share on your site, but ONLY on your site.

However, if I do log in to your site…

you will not still be able to see or touch my device. You will not be able to see what site I came from or what site I go to after I leave your site.

Furthermore, you will not be able to see…

who my friends are, any of our conversations, any documents on my device, sites I visited, or any online searches I’ve made.

P.S. I don’t need your permission!

See when I landed on your site you automatically agreed to MY terms.
An anonymous TraceFree User


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