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What Is The BEST Virtual Browser?

A virtual browser keeps your safe. The BEST virtual browser keeps you SAFE and PRIVATE when browsing!

What Is The Best Virtual Browser?

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What Is The Best Virtual Browser?

A virtual browser is a Web browser that is physically isolated from a computer’s operating system. You DO NOT download the browser to your computer.

It runs in the cloud which separates your computer from the Internet.

All malware, cookies and viruses can never touch your computer.

Your keyboard and mouse control the virtual browser on the server and you only “see” what that server sees when browsing.

This is regular browsing:

How Browsing Works

The browser is installed on your computer with regular browsing.

Your browser sends data FROM your computer to that website.

The website sends data BACK to your computer and your browser stores the data on your computer.

The Best Virtual Browser

The Best Virtual Browser Is TraceFree

It is the best virtual browser because it combines privacy with security. TraceFree is also known as the the ONLY virtual private browser.

The browser is never installed on your computer but it runs on a server in the cloud.

All data transfer takes place between the server and the website.

Your computer is never seen, touch, tracked or infected when browsing.

There is no browsing evidence on you computer.

There are no cookies to delete.

TraceFree The Best Virtual Browser
Private Browser Free Trial

While many private browsing solutions are ADDING things to your computer to give you online privacy, when the browser is removed from the computer you actually GET complete privacy.

TraceFree is the best virtual browser because your computer is REMOVED from the browsing session.

When you want to have a completely anonymous and virus free browsing session, it’s time to get TraceFree.

TraceFree Is The Virus Free Browser

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 When you want to have a completely anonymous and virus free browsing session, it’s time to get TraceFree. Start your 7 Day Free Trial Today.

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Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”