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What Is The BEST Virtual Browser?

Not all virtual browsers are the same!


What Is The Best Virtual Browser?

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What Is The Best Virtual Browser?

A virtual browser is a Web browser that is physically isolated from a computer’s operating system.

It runs in a virtual environment which creates a buffer between your computer and the Internet.

The browser is hosted in the cloud, thereby keeping all malware, cookies and viruses from ever touching your computer.

You use your keyboard and mouse to control the virtual browser on the server and you only “see” what that server sees when browsing.

Here is how regular browsing works:

How Browsing Works

The browser is installed on your computer.

Each time you visit a website, your browser sends data from your computer to that website.

The website sends data BACK to your computer and your browser renders the data.

When this happens, data is then stored on your computer.

The Best Virtual Browser

TraceFree, is the ONLY virtual private browser.

The browser is never installed on your computer but it runs on a server in the cloud.

All interaction takes place between the server and the website.

Your computer is never seen, touch, tracked or infected when browsing.

There is no browsing evidence on you computer.

There are no cookies to delete.

TraceFree The Best Virtual Browser

Many private browsing solutions are ADDING things to your computer to give you online privacy.

TraceFree is the best virtual browser because your computer is REMOVED from the browsing session.

When you want to have a completely anonymous and virus free browsing session, it’s time to get TraceFree.

TraceFree Is The Virus Free Browser

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Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”

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