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Trace Free Browser Runs In The Cloud


Websites Never Touch Your Device


Completely Secure & Private


Your Device Completely isolated

Trace Free, Virtual Private Browser, Best VPN

Standard browsing solutions, VPNs & private mode vs. TraceFree

ALL of the standard and “private” browsing solutions have the browser rendering on the device. You are not completely private or secure because the device interacts with the website.

These include: Regular browsers, browsers in private mode, using a VPN, private browsers, private search engines and TOR.

TRACEFREE: All browsing renders in the cloud. The device and user are always completely isolated. Your PC only sees what our server “sees”, it never interacts with any website.



Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on your device. We know you'll love it and we also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Always Virus Free

Always virus free (better than Antivirus Software) as the TraceFree browser runs on our server, NOT your device.

Best Pricing

The most competitive online pricing. Plans as low as $6.25/m paid yearly. Cheaper than most antivirus software yearly costs.

Every Search is Private

TraceFree is the ONLY solution that protects and hides your device and identity from all 4 points (device, browser, provider and website).

Your Data is Never Sold

You're paying us to be anonymous. We’ve gone to great lengths to keep it that way. TraceFree is like the “Swiss Bank of browsing”.

No Evidence on Device

We like to say “you CANNOT hide your digital footprint, but with TraceFree you can wear someone else’s shoes”.

Fast Internet speed

Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on the device, so you get lightning surf speeds and page loads as if it's on fiber optic internet.

Introducing Trace Free

Virtual Private Browser

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”


Everyone is being forced to agree to 3rd party policies. You deserve to have your own privacy policy. Our private browser runs in the cloud NOT on your device. We know you’ll love it and we also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
In a day and age where hacks and data theft are becoming more common place, TraceFree does a masterful job of keeping you private from data harvesting environments that the masses now live in.
Mike P

TraceFree Review

TraceFree offers you a way out in ways that no VPN, “Incognito” or any other similar application can. There truly is a way you can search the Internet in complete privacy and without the fear any sort of virus or tracking device following, and that is the real value and ultimate reward here.
Dave C

Web Engineer

The book “Online Privacy Secrets Revealed, Don’t let your browsing be used against you.”  is eye opening and alarming. I find myself now aware of the language VPNs use in their ads to mislead people. Thanks for sharing this!

Jane D

Former VPN Fan

I’ve definitely told people about TF, and I’ve mentioned that when the full version is launched, it will be the greatest privacy/security tool in the history of the internet. That’s my belief. I wish TF had existed 20 + years ago.


TraceFree User