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Data Privacy Day How To Set Your OWN Privacy Policy

The ONLY browser that lets a user set their OWN online privacy policy.

Data Privacy Day How To Set Your Own Privacy Policy

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Data Privacy Day How To Set Your OWN Privacy Policy

TraceFree is the ONLY browser that lets a user set their OWN online privacy policy.

The ONLY virtual private browser hides ALL personal data from EVERY website.

By default, websites can not get ANY personal data from a visitor.

Rather than accepting a website’s privacy policy, a TraceFree user forces a website to accept the very first consumer online privacy policy.

The truth is, online privacy doesn’t come when ads are blocked or when using a private search engine.

Complete online privacy comes when a website cannot identify or track you because they can NEVER see or touch your computing device.

So go ahead and “Accept cookies?” because they never touch your computer!

Want to see how you can finally be private online?

The Founder and CEO of TraceFree to explains what the VERY FIRST consumer online privacy policy sounds like. (Consumer Online Privacy Policy)

Big Tech, Internet providers and cybercrooks can’t sell, share or steal what they cannot see!

TraceFree is now available for Windows OS. You start a 30 Day Free Trail today!

TraceFree is the very first browser to completely solve the online privacy problem.

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TraceFree is the safest browser because your device never touches a website. TraceFree is a virus free browser.

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Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”

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