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Tim Berners-Lee 30th Anniversary Of The World Wide Web

The Father of the Web wants to stop Facebook, Google, and Twitter from exploiting people’s personal data. The time has come for the consumer to have THEIR own privacy policy.

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The Father of the Web wants to stop Facebook, Google, and Twitter from exploiting people’s personal data.

Tim Berners-Lee, the real inventor of the Internet (NOT Al Gore), says “Companies must do more to ensure their pursuit of short-term profit is not at the expense of human rights”.

Every person should have the right to be private online, and now they do.

Big Tech’s power, and the monopoly they are quickly creating, comes from their ability to correctly identify the user creating the online data, and then monetize this information.
When you remove their ability to correctly identify online data with a person, or even just add the element of doubt to it, their monopoly goes away and the user gets their privacy back.

This is already starting to happen.

TraceFree, the first truly private browsing solution, allows a user to isolate their device (and identity) from the browsing session. The TraceFree browser runs on a server in the cloud (not on the device) which acts like a middleman (or computer) in between the user and the website, isolating ALL personal data from the browsing session. Websites can NEVER correctly identify the user, their true location, or their device.


The time has come for the consumer to have THEIR own privacy policy.

Using the private mode of a browser, a VPN, a private search engine, or Tor, does NOT prevent websites from seeing and using your personal data because your device (already loaded with Google and Facebook cookies) is not isolated from the browsing session.

A TraceFree user can perform a search on Google and know that the search query and the sites they visit after cannot be correctly linked to them. Facebook and every website with a Facebook pixel, cannot identify the user (and most importantly) cannot track the user once they leave the website.

The ability to target and retarget a Web user is completely disrupted with the TraceFree browser. Finally the Web user has their OWN privacy policy which trumps ANY website’s.

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