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How To Browse Safely After Microsoft Stops Support For Windows 7

You can browse virus free without upgrading to Windows 10.

How To Browse Safely After Microsoft Stops Support For Windows 7
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How To Use Browse Safely After Microsoft Stops Support For Windows 7

Microsoft is ending support for Windows & users but you can still browse the Web safely without having to upgrade to Windows 10. A virtual private browser will let you browse virus free on any Windows OS device.

99% of computer viruses occur when browsing the Web. They come from either downloading an infected file or clicking on a link that leads to a malicious site.

The GOOD NEWS. You can use TraceFree with your old Windows 7 device and click or download ANYTHING on the Web WITHOUT ANY FEAR OF GETTING A VIRUS.

Using your keyboard and mouse, you remotely control a browser in the cloud so viruses and malware can NEVER touch you device. TraceFree is designed to run on ALL Windows OS and is also called THE virus free browser.

If you can’t decide whether you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you can still surf the Web even safer than before!

Start you 30 Day Free Trial Today! (NO credit card required).


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Using TraceFree a remote browser is better than the best VPN.

WebPartners Chooses TraceFree for Virus Free Browsing, Case Study

“TraceFree offers us an easy and secure way to visit websites. By giving us a virus free browsing solution, we can safely visit ANY website and see which ones are posting copyrighted material without the worry of any malicious viruses getting on our devices or our network.”

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Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”