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Amazon Prime Day Is A Prime Day For Fake Email

Clicking the wrong link could be your worst deal on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day Is A Prime Day For Fake Email
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Amazon Prime Day Is A Prime Day For Fake Email

Clicking the wrong link could be your worst deal on Amazon.

Antivirus kingpin McAfee say that hackers have released a do-it-yourself phishing kit that allows people to easily put together phishing scams targeting Amazon users – just in time for Prime Day this week.

Amazon’s Prime Day sale, which runs Monday and Tuesday, July 15-16, could be a prime time for a new phishing email scam.

The phishing scam targets users by email, telling them that their account has been compromised and directing them to open a PDF with a link to the fake Amazon-branded login screen.

Amazon Prime Day Is A Prime Day For Fake Email

Here are a few different ways to protect yourself:

  • Don’t open suspicious emails: If you think an email is a scam, don’t even risk opening it.
  • Check who sent it: Any legitimate Amazon emails will come from the domain. If you click on the email of the sender, you’ll often be able to see exactly where it came from. Amazon has more info for users on how to determine if an email is from them.
  • Check the URL: If an email asks you to click a link, hover over it to see if it’s taking you to a legitimate web page or somewhere else.
  • Don’t download attachments: If you suspect an attachment is a scam — or even if it’s from someone you know but weren’t expecting it — just don’t download it.
  • Use the Send To TraceFree application: Even if you are unsure if a link is safe to open, the Send To TraceFree application lets you open any link safely without fear of your device getting a virus.

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