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Apple’s New Privacy Policy Takes On Google And Facebook

Online privacy is a human right.
Apple's New Privacy Policy Takes On Google And Facebook

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Apple’s New Privacy Policy Takes On Google And Facebook

Online privacy is a human right and Apple is increasing the amount of information Google and Facebook get from users on Apple devices.

As the number of breaches increases, and as people become more aware about just how much data companies such as Google and Facebook collect, privacy is now an important differentiator. Apple just updated their privacy site.

Many security and privacy features have already been added in iOS 13, which could be seen as a direct blow to Apple’s rivals Google and Facebook

As Apple says, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”

Consumers now have THEIR own privacy policy

For the FIRST time ever, a Web user has their OWN privacy policy when browsing the Web.

“Accept Cookies?” Heck Yeah! They’re not going on my computer!

With TraceFree, the FIRST virtual private browser, the user is always anonymous on every site. A website cannot identify the user, and cookies never get on the user’s device thereby any data that is gathered has no value to Big Tech.

What happens on the TraceFree Server, STAYS on the TraceFree Server

Feel confident knowing that any cookies and trackers are never placed on your computer making YOUR privacy policy supersede ANY website’s

TraceFree is the best private browser.

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