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What Happens When You Click On A Link?

Would you insert a strange USB in your computer?


What Happens When You Click On A Link?

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What Happens When You Click On A Link?

When your browser clicks on any link it gives a strange computer access to your personal computer.

You wouldn’t insert a strange USB into your computer but that is basically what you do over 100 times a day.

When your browser clicks on a link, you are sending data from YOUR PC to a strange computer. Then that strange computer sends data back and your browser opens it up on YOUR COMPUTER.

Using a private browser, virtual private network (VPN) or the best antivirus program DOES NOT STOP this data from getting on your device. Only a virtual private browser does.

Do you trust every link you click? You shouldn’t.

You are trusting not only that link will take you to where it says and that the data that is sent from that computer is safe to open.

You can now trust that clicking on a link won’t reveal your personal data and give your computer a virus.

The same browsing technology that the Department of Defense and major banks use, is now available to consumers. It is called the cloud browser.

When using TraceFree, your computer NEVER (actually it cannot) sends any data to a website. You are ALWAYS anonymous online. Any data that is sent from a website is opened by a server in the cloud and NOT YOUR DEVICE. This is the first virus free browser.

Are you ready to be TraceFree on the Internet? 

TraceFree Is The Virus Free Browser

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