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Want A Browser That Leaves NO Browsing History?

Hide the websites you visit from EVERYBODY.


Want A Browser That Leaves No Browsing History?

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Want A Browser That Leaves NO Browsing History?

Your browser AND computer leave a trail of the websites you visit.

Your Internet provider and anyone that has access to your computer can see your browsing history.

Any online privacy focused person must clear their browsing history and delete cookies EVERYTIME they browse the Web.

There is now a new browser that allows you to browse the Web without leaving any browsing history on your computer.

There are NO cookies to delete or browsing history to clear.

TraceFree leaves NO browsing history on your computer.

TraceFree is a virtual private browser which means that the browser runs on a server in the cloud and NOT on your computer. Any and all evidence of your browsing stays on this server.

Someone that has access to your computer cannot see what sites you visit.

Your Internet provider cannot see or block websites either.

Some are calling TraceFree a disposable browser or “burner browser” because the browser is used only one time and then deleted on logout.

You can start browsing the Web without leaving a trace with TraceFree. Start your Free Trial today.


TraceFree Is The Virus Free Browser

WebPartners Chooses TraceFree for Virus Free Browsing, Case Study

“TraceFree offers us an easy and secure way to visit websites. By giving us a virus free browsing solution, we can safely visit ANY website and see which ones are posting copyrighted material without the worry of any malicious viruses getting on our devices or our network.”

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Antivirus software is dead. Antivirus can never be safer than virus free.

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15 Reasons To Use The First Virtual Private Browser

TraceFree is the first virtual private browser which gives a Web user complete privacy and security.

See What Sites Are Tracking You Online

Find out what sites are tracking you online.

How To Hide Your Identity Online

Using TraceFree a remote browser hides your identity while browsing online. Websites cannot correctly identify a user.

DuckDuckGo Proves There Is No Such Thing As Private Search

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The Best Private Browser

The best private browser keeps you and your computer private.

How Is The Geek Squad Like TraceFree?

The same technology that is used for virus removal is also used for virus free browsing.

Introducing Trace Free

The Safest Way To Browse The Web

“Always Safe Always Private Browsing”

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